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Chronic pain relief & concussion treatment in Victoria BC, to help you feel good again, and get back to living.

Victoria Osteopathy & Concussion Treatment

It's never too early to invest in good health, or too late to restore health and live a better life - free from chronic pain, able to move with ease, and strong enough to participate in the activities you love.


We offer you 15 years of concussion treatment & chronic pain treatment experience.


Our wellness clinic in Victoria, located on McKenzie Ave, serves people of all ages suffering from post concussion syndrome,  limited mobility & activity or the frustration or despair brought on by unresolved, long standing chronic pain.


Feel Better. Live Better.  Starting Today.

Jenna Howe, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

Jenna offers Post Concussion Treatment and Osteopathic Treatment for Acute and Chronic Injury Rehabilitation in Victoria British Columbia. 

Jenna Howe, Victoria Osteopathic Practitioner